About Us

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SWEEP (Supported Work Experience & Employment Program) Optical is the primary contracted ophthalmic laboratory for the state of Oregon and has supplied providers with the finest quality, low-cost eyewear for nearly 30 years. But we’re more than an optical lab. We’re also an OregonForward facility that employs people with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. In the lab, employees have the opportunity to learn skills and do work that is rewarding. We have a rigorous quality assurance program that ensures orders are delivered as prescribed.

History of Excellence

Last year, SWEEP Optical served 250 optometrists and other providers, producing more than 35,000 pairs of glasses. Over the past 22 years, we have produced over 1 million pairs of eyeglasses.

SWEEP Optical laboratory provides timely and valued services to government agencies and providers including the wholesale market. We process CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex and other optical materials. SWEEP Optical’s quality control measures ensure that our products meet or exceed American National Standard Institute guidelines: ANSI Z80.1-2010.

Our Vision

SWEEP Optical, a full-service ophthalmic laboratory located in Eugene, Oregon provides high quality prescription eyewear and exceptional service at an excellent value. Skilled optical professionals, with years of experience, supervise and train all workers in the Optical lab.

Laurel Hill Center

SWEEP Optical is a division of Laurel Hill Center, which was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1972 by a group of community volunteers. It focuses on services to adults diagnosed with mental illness, helping them rebuild their lives. Laurel Hill Center’s nationally recognized psychiatric rehabilitation services assist individuals to increase self-reliance and regain valued roles in the community. Approximately 500 people are served each year. Revenues from optical sales provide essential financial support for Laurel Hill Center’s services that include housing, medication management, community supported services, a learning center, health and wellness, and employment.



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