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Serving OHP Medicaid and wholesale eyecare providers

Exceptional service. Amazing selection. Incredible value. Since 1992, SWEEP has specialized in value eyewear. Our Focus Packages give you the best value for frame and lenses. We make it easy, you’ll never have to ship frames again. We’re here to serve you and your patients. We appreciate the confidence of more than 250 eyecare providers who order from our lab. Learn more on this website or email us.



Before submitting an order always verify the patient’s insurance information on the Medicaid MMIS website:

Examples of cancellations:

  • Patient not eligible on given date of service.
  • Medicaid ID#: will always be 2 letters 3 numbers letter number letter, ex: XX222X2X (unless it is an adult).
  • Date of Birth error.
  • First or Last name spelling does not match exactly what is in MMIS.
  • Missing diagnosis code/s.
  • DUPLICATES (please do not submit jobs more than once).
  • Insurance is not contracted with Sweep Lab such as: Jackson Care Connect CCOA or Care Oregon CCOA.
  • Patient has dual Medicare/Medicaid coverage:
    • When a client has both Medicare and Medicaid coverage; Providers shall bill Medicare first for Medicare covered services.  The provider may use any visual materials supplier to order visual materials.

Adults are not eligible for routine vision hardware benefits.  Must have BMP pregnancy benefits or Post Cataract surgery within 180 days of surgery date (must include surgery date on order).

  • Adults are only allowed Plastic CR-39 or High-Index (if the Rx power in either eye is +/- 10 or greater in combined Sphere/Cylinder).

For more information, please see the OHA Visual Services Rulebook (link is on the right of the page above).

In order to help avoid cancellations,

Please read the information listed at the bottom  of this page.

If you have any questions you can contact

SWEEP Customer Service at

(541) 984-3100 or 1-800-984-3204


Due to a malfunction at the Miraflex factory:

The Built-Up-Bridge frames are no

longer available to order from Miraflex.

However, we still have a small

stock of frames in limited colors.

If you have any questions about availability,

please contact us at:

541-984-3100 or 1-800-984-3204